Before a new customer has contacted you, it’s most likely that they have checked out you and your website, and more often than not, your competition.

Your website lets everyone know who you are, what you do, where to find you, and how to contact you.

Your website helps potential clients, customers, and even, partners learn more about your business.

Your web presence also tends to give credibility to a business.

Your competitors will have a website – make sure you do.

If your website doesn’t have the information that they are looking for they will move on. That’s why you must have quality relevant content on your website.

When we design and build new websites we use web hosting computers located in Australia so that your website loads fast (when websites load slow people often won’t hang around for them to load – they click on your competitors instead)

Potential customers EXPECT to find you on the Internet – regardless of what your business is.

Customers know that going to a website will give them much more information about your business than they can get in the Yellow Pages.

For example, when choosing a handy man, who do you think people will trust? A guy in the phone book with no details, or a guy on the internet with a nice web site, that details his services and experience?

People are searching the web every second of the day trying to find a business they can trust.
They are trying to learn about the services they need.

They are researching, and if you do not have a website, people can learn nothing from you or about you.

Eleven Reasons Why You Need A Website :-

1. Selling Your Products or Services – You can take orders directly over the Internet.

2. Convenient payment processing options – You can Take Credit Card Payments on your website.

3. Extend Your Opening Hours – Your business website is always open 24 hours a day.

4. Qualified Sales Leads – A website can supply you with qualified sales leads.

5. Customer Service and Support – increase your customer service and improve your customer relations.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – a great time-management tool for your business.

7. Public Relations – Increase your public relations efforts without the expense.

8. Instant And Timely Changes To Product And Support Information – This is not the case for costly print and display ads that are printed in magazines and papers.

9. Big Business or Small Business ? – This puts you on par with larger businesses in the same market.

10. Professional Email Addresses – start using your professional e-mail address on your business cards and promotions.

11. Sales Brochures, Catalogues and Sales Literature – distribute Sales Literature, Catalogues, and Brochures all electronically.


If you already have a website,
is your website making you money ?



“Make sure your website is smartphone friendly”



Here’s what Lesley & Rick had to say

“Trevor built our first website for us many years ago. We were complete “newbies” to the world of web marketing and Trevor was (and still is) absolutely amazing. He listened to our ideas, asked the right questions to get the “feel” of just how our business operates, and then put the whole thing together for us in a very short space of time.

Trevor has recently built a second website for us for our new tourism business. This website was a lot more complex, and has a completely different look and feel to the first. We are extremely happy with what he has come up with, and excited to see the results come in as our customers start to find us.

Trevor’s skills in the area of website development are of the highest calibre. He maintains the security of both our websites, looks after our off-site backups and does all major updates for us. He is easy to talk to, listens to what you want, and then comes up with exactly what you are looking for. His pricing is more than reasonable, and is great value for money.

We wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else, and have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Trevor to anyone needing his professional services.”


Lesley and Rick Allen,
Mobile Saddler Pty Ltd and Ride Tasmania Tours

We pride ourselves in helping you make money

We are based at Broadbeach and you can feel confident
as we do all the work ourselves locally

We are english-speaking Aussies that do all the work in-house, and we communicate with you in plain terms for greater understanding and peace of mind.